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Running for the hills

[2011-06-07 15:23]

The mountain retreat of Moganshan no longer ranks as Zhejiang province's best-kept secret, so you'd better hurry if you still want it to yourself.

City aims to create water fun for residents

[2011-06-08 19:13]

Neijiang or Tiancheng (sweet city), a city that is not as well-known as Chengdu or Chongqing, located in the middle part of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, hosted its first international sports event on June 4-6, a water ski competition among China, Australia and the US.

Xi’an blooms as flower expo begins

[2011-06-09 15:35]

Xi'an, one of the country's famed ancient capitals, is celebrating its flower power with the World Horticulture Expo.

County wants to brand itself nationwide

[2011-06-09 17:19]

Yanqing County, just outside Beijing, is on the edge of the Great Wall and considered by cycling fans to be a great place to pursue their sport.

Local flavor highlighted

[2011-06-13 16:58]

Many international luxury hotel brands are expanding their business in Jiangsu province, a rapidly developing neighbor of Shanghai, but Jinling Hotel and Resorts say they can serve guests in a more people-oriented way.

Business travelers flock to Sheraton Ningbo

[2011-06-13 17:01]

Blessed with a prestigious location in Ningbo, one of the most-visited economic hubs in East China's Zhejiang province, Sheraton Ningbo Hotel has been drawing business travelers since it opened in 2006.

Hotel listings

[2011-06-13 17:04]

Jin Jiang Hotel celebrated its 60th anniversary on June 9. As the country's first State hotel, the hotel has accommodated more than 500 national leaders and senior officials from more than 100 countries.

Primeval Xinjiang

[2011-06-13 17:07]

It is a land that is wild and unfettered, a land of snowcapped mountains and highland pastures.

Journey to the wild, wild West

[2011-06-14 13:38]

Drawn by the romance of the far west, Liu Qi ventures into the vast desert in Ningxia where she makes friends with a camel before heading south on other adventures near the Silk Road.

Horticultural Expo Amuses Holiday Visitors

[2011-06-14 15:11]

A festive parade and floats pass through a major exhibition area at the 2011 International Horticultural Expo site in Xi'an on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

Kenting Lullaby

[2011-06-14 16:01]

Kenting, Taiwan's southernmost national park, is known by most tourists, me included, for its mesmerizing seascape illustrated in the romance movie "Cape No. 7" and TV series "Wayward Keutiug".

A telling taste of Tibetan temples

[2011-06-14 17:48]

Touch China pulls out the holiest, the precious and the downright riveting from an enthralling Buddhist world.

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